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Residents in our rest home are generally people who can no longer cope at home by themselves and require the safety and security of having caring staff to help with their daily lives. They might need help with dressing and bathing and their personal hygiene. They are mobile and can walk with the aid of a stick or frame in the home but may need a wheelchair for outings.Residents in nursing home are generally more dependent than those residents in rest homes. They might have a medical condition which requires the regular attention of a qualified nurse. A qualified nurse or R.G.N. is on duty twenty-four hours a day in a nursing home.If your local authority is paying the home's fees your social worker will decide whether you need residential or nursing care by caring out an assessment of your needs.

Yes, we have rooms that are available to residents funded by their local authority.

Abbeywood is registered by Bury Social Services and is inspected twice a year by the inspection unit at Bury Social Services.

National Vocational Qualifications. Qualifications that care assistants can achieve to prove they are competent, knowledgeable and committed to their job.

Yes, all rooms have a television aerial point.

At Abbeywood residents have their own telephone line, which is connected to a central switchboard. Residents may install a private line to their room if they wish.

No, our fees are fully inclusive. The only extra charges are for personal items such as newspapers, hairdressing and toiletries.

We will continue to use your preferred domiciliary appointments, but if this is not possible we will arrange the appointments for you.

Smoking is not allowed inside the home, there are designated areas outside of our home. This applies to residents, visitors and staff.

We have a smoke and fire detection system in our home, which are tested and maintained on a regular basis. Our staff receive regular training on how to prevent fire and on what to do should a fire occur.

We do not have strict visiting hours but we do ask that you avoid early morning, meal times and late evening. We actively encourage residents to go out with their families and will provide any assistance we can.

Contact your local Social Services Department. If they think you need help they will carry out an assessment of your needs. This will involve talking to you and those people who already help you. They will give you a care plan which details the help are entitled to and may recommend that you move into a care home.

If you are in hospital the doctors and nurses may feel you need to be cared for in a care home after your discharge and will arrange for a social worker to advice and help you.

Your Social Services Department will provide you with information about local homes that provide the type of care you need. You can also find a list of homes in a free booklet produced by Bury Social Services.

Yes you may choose a home of your choice, even if it is being funded by Social Services.

Yes, as long as the new home meets Social Services requirements.

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