Abbeywood for health and well being

This document has been written in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000.  Each service user will be issued with a copy.

The document will be reviewed every twelve months unless circumstances dictate that it should be reviewed earlier.

Statement of Purpose

  • Aims and Objectives

    At Abbeywood we have been providing care since 1988, and we will continue the same emphasis on quality of care for the elderly.  Our main objective is to recognise the greatest needs of residents, namely self fulfilment whilst at the same time endeavouring to provide the highest standard of care whilst promoting residents dignity and independence.  We provide and promote opportunities for stimulation and fulfilment, we can support residents to live a purposeful and meaningful life and help them to maximize their full potential.

  • The Key drivers of the home are focused on

    Standards and quality of care.  Hygiene.  Residents quality of life.  C.Q.C.  Occupancy

  • Our Priorities are

    To increase the number of members qualified to NVQ2. This will manifest itself in the following ways. In 2012 we had 50% of staff that have achieved this qualification. In 2013 we had 75% of staff qualified to NVQ2. In 2014 we had 85% of staff that have achieved this qualification. By the end of 2015 we aim to have 99% of staff that have achieved NVQ2. We will do this through regular contact with our preferred training provider, by accessing funding through social services and by ensuring qualified staff support their colleagues who are undertaking the qualification. (see training and development log)

    To ensure our occupancy rate remains at 95%.  We are aware that we can run a viable home on 65% occupancy, however by maintaining current good practice in terms of induction, training and development,care of residents, upholding our philosophy of care and adhering to our current legislation, we are confident that we can remain at 95% occupancy.

    We are fully aware that we are required to adhere to the Health and Social Act 2008, Regulations 2010, new legislation for 2014 and the C.Q.C. Registrations Regulations 2009. Currently we are familiarizing ourselves with the requirements and then we shall involve staff at a level appropriate to their role. We shall check knowledge and understanding through team meetings and supervisions and check our compliance through C Q.C.

    Standards and quality of care within the home.  We will maintain and improve on this by ensuring that staffs actively promote the vision, beliefs and values of the home as demonstrated in our Philosophy of care.  That our people are willing to take on all the responsibilities required of them.  That our staff willingly implements the policies of Abbeywood and raise areas where more clarity need to be given.  That people are aware of their contribution to achieving the business plan through team meetings and supervision.

    That people give and seek feedback on performance and that communication on the whole is strong.  That people take responsibility for their actions and that respect for people exists at all times.  Finally our people will maintain at all times the integrity and reputation of the home and will behave in a manner befitting our culture.  This is ongoing.Ultimately by implementing all of the above we can provide the highest standards of care on an ongoing basis.

  • Philosophy of Care

    Our philosophy is to provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment that will meet the individual, physical and emotional and social needs of our residents.  We encourage the developments of self-help and any potential for independent life style.  Ultimately we enable our residents to receive long term care affording them an independent and satisfying lifestyle within the home.  Our approach to care is based on respect for the resident as an individual and their need to be acknowledging as such.

    At Abbeywood we realise that providing Quality Care is much more than simply providing high standards in accommodation, food and delivering individual attention i.e. physical needs, but to ensure that we provide an environment that enables Service Users to safeguard their individual rights, privacy, dignity, independence, choice and fulfillment.  Quality Care at Abbeywood means caring for all the needs whether physical, social, emotional or psychological of all Service Users.  Service Users are encouraged to participate in the development of their Personal Care Plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and is greatly valued.

    This will be achieved through a program of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem, social interaction with other Service Users and with recognition of the following core values of care which are fundamental to the philosophy of our Home.

  • Activities

    There are four members of staff that have completed a City and Guilds Level 3 qualification in Dementia Care.  The staff recognizes that there are several types of Dementia that affect individual's differently therefore Abbeywood provides excellent one to one care for all residents and carry out different activities dependent on their needs.


    Ipad Activities, Baking, Crafts, Skype with relatives, Computer Activities, Gardening, Exercise to music, Board Games, Reminiscence, Sing-a-long.

    Other Activities include;  Will Game, Bingo, Ball Games, Word Searches/Crosswords, Skittles, Giant Connect Four, Snakes and Ladders.


    Abbeywood also organizes several trips throughout the year for residents to go on, some include:

    Houghton Weavers / Meal at Rivington Barn, Christmas Meal.  Blackpool Illuminations / Fish and Chip Supper.  Country Drive / Home made Ice Cream.  Oswaldtwistle Mills afternoon tea.  Barge Trip on the Canal.Blackpool Zoo.

  • Residents in our care have a right to

    1. Personal independence, personal choice and personal responsibility for your own actions.

    2. To care for yourself as far as you are able and to have assistance if it is necessary.

    3. To have your dignity respected in every possible way and to be treated whatever your disabilities or frailties as an individual in your own right.

    4. Privacy for yourself, your belongings, and your affairs.

    5. To attend residents meetings or have a representative deputise for you.

    6. The right to be consulted about proposed changes that may affect your personal lifestyle and to make suggestions.

    7. Facilities and services in the surrounding community as a citizen.

    8. To mix with other people in the community, whether by going out or by inviting other people in.

    9. To be registered with a medical practitioner and dentist of your own choice.

    10 To have your cultural, religious emotional and other needs accepted and respected.  Not to have your personal independence unnecessarily or unreasonably restricted by management or staff for fear of risk involved in relation to your independence. Have any complaints heard by the person in charge and if satisfaction is not obtained, then by the principal registration officer.  To confidentiality, access to information held on file and to know on what basis any information may be shared by others.


  • Home Directors

    Stephen Durkin, Moira Durkin, John Durkin, Yvonne Durkin

    Senior Manger Carol Smith Registered Manager Valerie Thompson


    Registered Manager's Award.  Assessors award D32/D33.  N.V.Q. III AND IV in Health and Social Care.  City & Guilds Level 3 Dementia Care.  First Aid.  Safeguarding Adults.  Health and Safety.  Infection Control.  Management of urinary incontinence.  Basic food hygiene.  Quality Assurance.  Nomad MDS/medicine management.  Fire Training.  Moving and Handling.  Service user involvement.  Person centered care.  M.U.S.T training.  Asylum and refugee awareness.  Dementia training.  C.O.S.H.H.  Disciplinary training.  Employees reviews.  Challenging behavior.  Six Step End of Life Care.  Customer Service N.V.Q. 2.

    Home Organisational Structure----Proprietors.  Senior Manager.  Registered Manager.  Deputy Managers.  Senior Carers.  Day & Night Carers.  Support Services


  • Staff Numbers and Staff Training

    The home employs 1 Senior Manager, 1 Registered Manager, 2 Deputies, 2 Senior Carers, 17 Care Assistants, 6 Kitchen Staff, 1 laundry assistant and 4 domestics.  The homes staff are selected for their qualities of reliability, integrity, skill, friendliness and professionalism.  They are carefully screened and checked with the Criminal Record Bureau and references are always checked thoroughly.  During induction all staff are trained in-house by experienced qualified senior staff, then must complete the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards and receive Mandatory Training in the following

    Care code of conduct--Basic Food Hygiene--Infection Control--Health and Safety--Moving and Handling--Safeguarding Adults--Medication Training


    After completing the induction staff can then commence on an N.V.Q.  level 2 qualifications.  At present we have over 86% of our staff that hold this qualification or above and are aiming for 100% of staff to be trained to this level.  The Home also has internal training courses for such topics as, Fire Training, incontinence training, oral hygiene and COSHH etc.

    Care staff within the home will be appropriately qualified to deliver the highest standard of care. A continuous staff training program is implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in care practices as may be laid down in appropriate legislation, regulations and the care quality commission.

  • Care Speciality of the Home

    Providing high standard of holistic person centered care.  Six Steps End Of Life Care.  Providing excellent, stimulating and fulfilling care for the Elderly with Dementia.  Respite Care.

  • Admission

    Service User's interested in coming to Abbeywood are encouraged to visit the home and sample the atmosphere and level of service.  An assessment of care needs will be completed prior to any new resident being admitted into Abbeywood.A four weeks trial period is always given before taking permanent residency.  Residents are encouraged to personalise their room with pictures, paintings or even small pieces of furniture can be accommodated.

  • Accommodation

    The home is open to both male and female Service Users.  The Home provides care and accommodation for 40 permanent Service Users.  We welcome long term, short term for respite and holiday stays.

    The home consists of the following

    36 Single en-suite bedrooms. 2 Double en-suite bedrooms. 1 Lounge. 2 Dining rooms. 1 Kitchen. 10 Toilets. 5 Bathrooms. Laundry room. 2 passenger Lifts

    Ground floor (Split Level) accommodation comprises of: -15 Single en-suite bedrooms, 2 dining rooms, 1. Lounge with T.V.s and Multiplayer CD Hi Fi System, Piped throughout to all corridors and communal rooms. 2. Bathrooms one with a disabled shower cubicle, 6 toilets, fully fitted kitchen.

    First floor (Split Level) accommodation comprises of : -

    21 Single en-suite bedrooms, 2 Double en-suite bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, one with a disabled shower cubicle.  All bedrooms have by each bed a nurse call button and a bed light.  The Home is centrally heated throughout and each room is thermostatically controlled.  Handrails are located in most of the corridors.

  • Financial Arrangements and Fees

    We are committed to providing value for money within our comprehensive and caring service:The fees charged are dependent on the type of accommodation available i.e. single, shared or en-suite.  Depending on the personal financial situation, a Service User can either pay the fees privately or receive benefits arranged by social services.  The current rules can be complicated and specific advice is available from the Senior Manager/Registered Manager.  Service Users are advised that they have the choice of handling their own financial affairs or appointing a relative or friend to look after their financial affairs (i.e. pension and spending money).

    Fees - What is Included

    Staff in 24 hour attendance.  Good Home Cooking and Provision for Special Diets.  Regular Entertainment.  Laundry Service.  Emergency call system and sensory alarms.  Full Central Heating.

    Fees - What is not Included

    Chiropodist visits.  Weekly visits from the hairdresser to the home.  Private phone installation and calls.

    Leaving or Temporarily Vacating

    If a person wishes to be discharged from the Home, then 4 weeks notice must be given of this intention, or 4 weeks fees paid in lieu of notice.  These conditions are waived during the 4 week trial period. If a Service User temporarily moves out of the Home (e.g. to receive hospital treatment) the bed is retained providing full payment of the fee is paid.

  • Privacy and Dignity

    All staff are trained to maintain at all times service users confidentiality.  Staff are trained to strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all Service Users within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the Service Users ever changing needs.

    Service Users will be addressed by the title of their own choosing.

    Locks are available on all bedroom doors and Staff are trained to knock before entering (unless a Service Users well-being is thought to be at risk). Residents or their N.O.K can be a key holder for their ownbedrooms.

  • Smoking and Alcohol

    We have a no smoking policy in the home.  With regard to alcohol, Service Users will normally make their own arrangements.

  • Fire Safety

    The home has a modern Fire Alarm System fitted, with "Fire Exit Notices" and "Fire Emergency Instruction Notices" displayed at strategic points throughout the home, as advised by the local "Fire Department".Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to the Fire Prevention/Drills.  Staff receive yearly fire training and carry out a full evacuation of the home once a year.  Service User's are informed of the emergency procedure during admission.  All fire alarms are tested weekly by staff of the home and regular visits by the local Fire Officer.  Records are kept of all such testing as part of the Managers/ Deputy responsibilities.  All fire fighting equipment will be checked annually by a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer.  Where possible, furniture, fixtures and fittings must be made of fire-resistant of fire-retardant fabrics and materials.

  • Religious Services

    Service Users may attend religious services either within or outside the home as they so desire.  If services are outside the home, the Service User should, if necessary and where possible, arrange for transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives.  In the event of this not being possible, care staff may accompany Service Users on specific occasions if staffing levels permit.

    Service Users have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time.  If required, a private room will be made available for such meetings.

  • Contact with Family and Friends

    Service User's family, relatives and friends are encouraged to maintain contact by E-Mail, Skype or telephone when visiting is not possible.  In these cases, staff will offer to assist the Service User to respond where help may be needed.

    Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times, and are asked to sign in and out using the visitor's book.  Abbeywood operates a protected meal times policy within the home.

    The Service User has the right to refuse to see any visitor, and this right will be respected and up-held by the Person-In-Charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitors of the Service Users wishes.

  • Care Plan

    The Service user will be fully involved in developing their own person centered careplan with assistance from their family or friends if they wish.  Once developed the Person Centered Care Plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the Service User is responding in a satisfactory manner. Adverse reaction to the Person Centered Care Plan by the Service User will result in an immediate review of the Person Centered Care Plan by the Key-worker, Manager, Senior Carer and other members of care staff as necessary.  Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the Service User's daily routine as far as is practicable.  Service Users and their Relatives are always welcome to chat with the Proprietor / Manager or a member of the Care Staff if they have any concerns.

    The Service Users Person Centered Care Plan is reviewed monthly unless needs have changed, when the amendments will be made immediately requiring authorisation by the Manager.  Certain amendments may require the authorisation of the Service User's GP. All amendments to the Care Plan are recorded in full. A consent form will be completed before obtaining and recording any information given by the individual or the relative/friends which will be reviewed monthly.

  • Key Workers

    We have a Key-worker policy within the Home.  A member of staff is delegated to a particular Service User depending on their mutual interests hobbies etc, where over a period of time a relationship develops which allows the Service User to feel that there is one member of staff :- Who has their special interest at heart.  Who knows more about them than any other member of staff.  Who is involved in the Service Users assessment and reviews their Care Plans monthly or earlier if necessary.

  • Complaints

    In the event of the Service User having any complaint what so ever directed at the Home, then such complaints shall be notified to the Proprietor / Manager or Deputies.  All such complaints will be acknowledged within five working days and responded to within twenty-eight days.  In the event of the Service User remaining dissatisfied the Service User or supporter (i.e. representative, key-worker or advocate ) may then address any complaint to :-

    Care Quality Commission, (C.Q.C.), N.W.Region. Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne.  NE1 4PA.

  • Bereavement

    Abbeywood took part in the six steps to success end of Life Care pilot scheme, in which only 6 homes from the North West were chosen to complete.  Abbeywood's philosophy of care for end of life is that we aim to provide holistic, person centred care through illness, dying and into bereavement.  We promote well being of the highest quality of life for the residents and their families.  We respect the individuality of each resident to express and practice religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs and encompass support for family and friends, up to and including the period after death.  We create an environment that is calm, friendly and most of all homely that allows residents respect, dignity and privacy whatever the illness or its stage.  By taking an active and compassionate approach that treats, comforts and supports residents to live as well as possible we strive for excellence at all times in the delivery of end of life care.

  • Meals

    Menus are varied and favourite dishes and special diets can be catered for.  Service Users are encouraged to eat in the dining room but may eat in their own room if this is their choice.  Tea, coffee, other hot drinks and fruit juices are served regularly throughout the day.  For those residents who prefer to eat at set times.

    Breakfast8-00 am to 9-30 am Served in the dining room.10-00 am Morning coffee or tea.

    Dinner12-00 pm Served in the dining room.2-00 pm Afternoon tea or coffee

    Tea5-00 pm Served in the dining room.

    Supper7-30 pm to 10-00 pm Served in the lounge or bedroom.

    Abbeywood is proud of its varied menus based on good wholesome cooking with daily fresh produce.  Menus are prepared on a four-week cycle. Daily menus are displayed on the wall outside the dining room.

    Visitors are welcome at any time, tea/coffee facilities are available in the dining area or residents can have these facilities in their own rooms if they wish.

  • Pets

    Service Users are not allowed to keep pets on the premises.

  • Medication

    Medications are kept in a locked cupboard in the treatment room and administered by trained staff, at the appropriate times.  However if a Service User wishes to administer their own medication, this must be kept in a locked drawer in their bedroom and a risk assessment will be carried out and reviewed monthly. Any Service User may request to see a doctor in private if they wish.

  • Telephone

    The home has a telephone located in the hall along with a cordless telephone which we can transfer any calls to, and your relative can be shown to a quiet area to talk privately.  Service Users may have their own private line through British Telecom at the going rate.

  • Service Users Meetings

    Informal meetings with Service Users and Staff are held at regular intervals to discuss all aspects of the Home.

  • Data Protection

    Service Users and Service Users representatives have access to all personal records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

  • Advocacy

    If Service Users require the services of an Advocate please contact-

    Bury and Rochdale Advocacy Services,Bull brow chambers,6 Baillie St,Rochdale.OL16 1JG

    Telephone No.01706 340800

  • Hairdressing

    A mobile hairdresser visits twice a week, cut, shampoo and set or a perm can be obtained for a reasonable price.

  • Chiropody (Podiatrist)

    The chiropodist visits the home every 6 weeks. (Or earlier if required)

  • Doctor / Optician/Dentist

    Visits can be arranged to the optician of your choice, alternatively domiciliary visits are arranged.  The same principle applies to the Audiology clinic.

    If you are a local person your own doctor can still attend you. If you are moving out of your area there are several local practices from which you can choose.

    Domiciliary visits can be arranged for dental care if required.

  • Laundry

    All Service Users laundry is done on the premises.  All bed linen, bath and hand towels are provided.  Dry cleaning is done at the expense of the Service User.  All residents personal clothing must be clearly labelled.

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