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Abbeywood is heavily involved in the wider community with lots of different outside organisations coming into the home on a regular basis these include:
Art to Heart – Arts and crafts scheme from Elton High School in which a group of children come into the home and make different things with residents every Thursday.
Aroma Therapy – Work experience scheme from Bury College in which students from the beauty therapy department come into the home and provide different therapies to the residents such as hand massages.
Weekly Communion – Catholic and C of E church attend to provide residents with communion weekly.
Entertainers – Abbeywood has outside entertainer's that come into the home 2 or 3 times a month to provide entertainment such as singing, Instrument playing, Abbeywood has also had a petting farm attend the home that brought different animals such as dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Abbeywood has a hairdresser that attends twice a week, a chiropodist that attends the home every 6 weeks.
Abbeywood is involved with all other M.D.T such as:  Dentist, Chiropodist, Optician, Dieticians, District Nurses, G.P.'s


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My mother currently resides at Abbeywood Residential Home it is at 104Market Street Tottington Bury...

Christmas Party 19th Dec 2013

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Abbeywood enjoyed its annual Christmas party on Wednesday 18th December, it was a fabulous evening...

Pat Hallam (Daughter of resident)

Super User - avatar Super User, Nov 28-13

The loving care and attention shown to the residents. Always a friendly and welcoming environment....

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